Friday, November 23, 2007

Arriving at Camp Taji

Our arrival at Camp Taji was a little bit of a surprise. I hadn't realized how big it would be. The American side, which isn't even half the Air Base, has thousands of soldiers. There are bus routes, though I get a lot of exercise walking from place to place, and two dining facilities. The dining facilities serve thousands of people a day, and from the look of it, they do a really good job. They have a real variety of items at each meal, giving the soldiers more choices than one might find at the best buffets. Many of the foods that come from the US are kosher with a reliable hechsher. I can't eat their meals, but I can find some items to eat and drink there. For the entire time I'm deployed, its kosher MREs, the food my family sends me, and the vegetables and other items I'm able to cook for myself that will keep me fed and healthy. I've done this many times in the past, and I usually eat pretty well. I’ll especially enjoy the challah on Fridays after I unpack the bread machine.