Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Semper Gumby...

The Marines have a saying I recall from my years at Camp Pendleton in the early 1990's - "Semper Gumby" which losely translates as "always flexible." Due to weather this afternoon grounding the aircraft, the squadron commander asked me to put on some unscheduled suicide intervention training sessions -
this way we can get pilots through while they have the down time.

Have you ever planned a small group session and had 2-3x as many people show up? That doesn't happen too often in chapels, but we had enough room and I adjusted the program as we went along. Got some good feedback on the more interactive way I'm approaching the training. I can't see doing the same old 'powerpoint snooze.' It's against my religion :-).

The winds are calming down and the weather clearing, so next one is 0930 tomorrow morning. In the mean time I get to update the blog (which I can do by email!) and perhaps call my 'Eishes Chayil' before something else comes up. I'd like to tell her that the articles I didn't put on the blog earlier in the year are going to be published in the newspaper 'Hamodia.' Once they've been printed, I can post them here as well.