Wednesday, August 26, 2009


It certainly has been a busy summer so far. I've put my family first, and shifted the balance of my time and effort towards reconnecting with them. It's really been our first extended time together since I redeployed from Iraq earlier in the year. Where we put our time usually shows our priorities in life. Remember the 1974 folk song by Harry Chapin "Cat's in the cradle?"

I've had a really enjoyable time this summer doing Family Therapy Supervision training at the Westgate Training and Consultation Network in Spartanburg, SC. What a wonderful group of therapists and supervisors. I'll post my American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy Theory of Supervision Paper here if you're interested.

Next, I'll be working on setting up an individual and family therapy website, including online therapy using skype video conferencing! I'm also giving some thought on how to using social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. I believe that it's important for what I do as a chaplain and as a therapist to contribute to the community we live in, and on-line social networks are a part of so many peoples lives. More to follow...